Veggie News

Being a vegetarian is more than just steering clear of meat, although that's a great place to start. Keeping up with what is hitting the headlines in relation to animal welfare and vegetarian lifestyles is important; as a vegetarian you have strong opinions on what is right and what isn't, so knowing what's going on means you can have your say too, as well as maybe making a change.

Here you can find links to current topics relating to a wide range of vegetarian/animal related issues.

Did Liam Neeson really eat wolf stew to 'get into character' for his role in The Grey?  Read the story here

Laura Tuffrey from the Ecologist investigates if becoming a vegetarian could save the planet.  

Roadkill Couture: Ethical or Senseless?

Are you a single vegetarian looking for love with a fellow veggie? Well you won't find it here

Woody Harrelson Helps to End Monkey Experiments in U.S Army

Rights for Vegetarian Prisoners? 

Janet Jackson to launch own fur collection with monsters Blackglama click here for story

Bill Oddie Speaks Out as Kate Middleton Prepares to Follow the Ridiculous Royal Shooting Traditions 

Paul McCartney Speaks Out as the French Government Force the Consumption of Meat in Public Institutions

Fur Coats Banned from Several NYC Bars, Read the Story here