About Me

Hiya, I'm Sophie and this is a photo of me wearing a sombrero, a sombrero I found on the filthy streets of Ayia Napa a couple of years back; I cherished it for all of about half an hour after which point I can only imagine it was tossed aside in favour of a rank alcoholic beverage of some description.

I thought I would begin with this story to show you that I am not a horribly pallid or immensely boring person, but I am a vegetarian and as you probably know, we get a bad rap when faced with those hardcore meat-eaters.

The idea behind The Veg Pot is to share a few vegetarian recipes and some veggie stories, a home for those who enjoy a meat-free lifestyle (and maybe for those panicked mums who have just been informed by their son that the new girlfriend is coming for tea...and she doesn't eat meat) that's all.

I'm no professional chef, but I do have a passion for cooking and with 13 years experience of living life as a vegetarian, I have picked up a few favourite recipes along the way.

So take a look through, tweet them, print them, adapt them; do what you will. Oh, you are of course welcome to join in by sharing your own veggie culinary creations too.